What is Core Rights?

Core Rights is building the future of music licensing.  The company's new product, Music Licensing Exchange (MLX) is an integrated, direct licensing digital marketplace that serves business owners, rights holders, and music suppliers alike.  MLX intelligence comes from emerging technologies and patent-pending solutions, offering a simple, easy to use general licensing platform for moving music rights management firmly into the digital age.

Partners & Customers





“We are so excited to be creating the first truly electronic marketplace for music licensing along with music industry powerhouses, SOCAN and Re:Sound.”

Jim King

CEO and Founder of Core Rights, LLC.

“With Core Rights we look forward to building the future of licensing, connecting people with music, as we strive to transform music rights in Canada and worldwide."

Eric Baptiste


“Re:Sound is excited to engage with Socan and Core Rights, LLC to build a digital marketplace that will simplify and enhance the licensing experience for all types music users while providing a greater understanding of the value that music provides.”

Ian MacKay

President, Re:Sound

“Core Rights ushers in a much needed modern approach to music licensing where the buyer/seller transaction, along with the corresponding royalty distributions are fully transparent. When Soundstr identifies a song performance in a music venue, bar or coffee shop, Core Rights can ensure the songwriter is paid accurately.”

Eron Bucciarelli-Tieger

CEO, Soundstr


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